Island Boat Trips

Boadzulu Island is a must for those who want to snorkel with the cichlids or feed the fish eagles. The island is 18km from our resort, and we offer island trips for no more than 10 people at a time.  A packed lunch can be arranged and of course a cooler box filled with iced beverages is a must.  This activity is on a weather permitted basis

160 000mk per trip

Sunset cruises 


Sunset cruises will leave a person with images of the most breathtaking sunsets the world has to offer.  Sip on a nice glass of wine or choose your fancy from our fully stocked bar.  This experience is one to treasure

Speed boat 100 000mk per hour max 6 people
Lala Panzi 100 000mk  per hour max 15 people

Hippo Viewing

Our friendly hippos are just around the corner from Kingfisher Inn and with this we offer hippo viewing.  This boat trip has some interesting sighting as these waters are populated with terrapins as well as some history that may interest some in the way of sightings of WW1 steamship ruins

Lala Panzi 100 000mk per hour
Max 15 people

Speed boat 100 000mk per hour                 Max 6 people

Mountain Biking

For those who want a more energetic experience, we offer guided mountain biking routes into the Mangochi mountain range which boasts 100 year and older baobabs, rugged mountain rock formations and stunning elevated views of Lake Malawi. Guests are to bring their own mountain bikes for this activity.
This must be booked 5 days in advance

Water Sports

All Water Sports

100 000mk per hour

Lake Malawi is a playground for the water sport enthusiasts.  We offer water skiing, knee boarding, kayaking and tubing

If your loved ones aren't experienced enough, we have the patience to teach them